Tuesday, December 29, 2009

An End To A Dramatic Year!

The year which marked an end & a new beginning to a lot of things for me (with the most unexpected ups & downs. An adieu to college life, a step forward to the supposedly more serious things in life..(My first job!) Well, 2009 has brought a lot of learning for me, an insight to subjects I'd never give thought to otherwise. No promises, no resolutions. 

Happy New Year!

- N

Friday, December 11, 2009

The Why & The Why Not?

The why of a beggar’s hungry stare?
But the why not of a compassionate heart?
The why of a quirk of fate?
But the why not of hope?
The why of scurry?
But the why not of serenity?
The why of I am always right?
But the why not of I can be wrong?
The why of vanity?
But the why not of humility?
The why of me?
But the why not of you?

The Why Not?

- N

To My Father,

Very few moments in life can/will come close to matching the intensity and array of emotions such as this, handing over your first salary to your father. I wanted to capture the moment in words & cherish it forever!

...It’s the feeling of never having felt the same before. A rush of a strong emotion, a sense of achievement, pride and contentment for the joy I give him. The purity and genuineness of a feeling as this, makes it even more indescribable. That face lit up with pride leaves an imprint on me forever and for always. 
For what I am and will always be, is all ‘cause I have you… Love!

- N