Sunday, September 30, 2012

To Bear The Guilt Of Walking Away

Yesterday I witnessed a very unfortunate incident. A truck full of cows and buffaloes were brutally being "unloaded". The animals looked distressed & terrified - one of the cows even fell off, but the man continued pulling it with the rope tied around her neck. I suspect they were being taken for slaughter? 

Not that I haven't seen animal brutality earlier on video etc, but to eye-witness something like that, was extremely upsetting. Not having faced such a situation ever before, I could only manage to scream and ask the man what the hell he was doing? He gave me a vicious smile and continued torturing the cow. 

This made me realize how tough it was to work for this cause. Sympathy isn't enough and being an animal lover is hardly the thing. It's all about knowing the laws & being a fighter. 

I can't help but feel the guilt of never being able to know what happened to those animals. Because I walked away. But I'm sure one day I will have the right knowledge, the strength to fight and some more experience on what to do in such situations. 

A huge call out to all those who don't walk away in the real world. More power to you!