Friday, December 11, 2009

The Why & The Why Not?

The why of a beggar’s hungry stare?
But the why not of a compassionate heart?
The why of a quirk of fate?
But the why not of hope?
The why of scurry?
But the why not of serenity?
The why of I am always right?
But the why not of I can be wrong?
The why of vanity?
But the why not of humility?
The why of me?
But the why not of you?

The Why Not?

- N


  1. Oooooo! When did my twin turn into this? For someone who cannot appreciate poetry that well, it is perfect. The way I like poems. Short and strong. No beating around the bush.


  2. The why of my liking this poem...
    the why not of me having found your blog earlier.

    Really nice!

  3. inspiring and vague in portraying like impressionist', appreciated for brevity. some part of the beauty gets lost in the string recurring patterns; you could write cool poems for mind i suppose.

  4. why not i like your thought..... its awsome